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File Complaint with Department of Permitting Services
A complaint can be filed regarding: Building without a permit Electrical & Mechanical work without a permit, Constructing a driveway without a permit, Obstructions in the Right of Way, Construction in the Right of Way without a permit, Building Height violation, Building Setback Violation, Building Lot Coverage Violation, Drainage violation (water runoff), Fence violation, Flooding violation, Historic Work Permit violation, Sediment Control Violation, Sign violation, MNCPPC Site plan violation, Special Exception violation, Swimming Pool violation, Vendor violation, Well and/or Septic Violation, Americans with Disabilities Act Violation (Building or parking), Improper Use of property/building, Commercial Vehicles on residential property, front yard parking, No Use and Occupancy Certificate, animals in residential zone.
A complaint may be submitted online as Anonymous or the contact information may remain confidential. Anonymous means there is no record of the Complainant's contact information. For all complaints submitted Anonymously DPS staff will not be able to contact that person about the complaint resolution. Confidential means that the Complainant's name and contact information is entered into the complaint system but will not be given out to the public unless court ordered.
Other agencies such as the Judicial system, MNCPPC or the Board of Appeals have separate enforcement processes to bring the violation into compliance which add additional time to resolution.
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