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Kinship Care

Formal and Informal kinship care is a living arrangement in which children live with a grandparent or other relative. The formal Kinship Program assists children in need by order of Juvenile Court, with finding temporary or permanent placement, because they cannot live in their own homes due to abuse and neglect. Children in need must first be involved with Child Welfare Services. For individuals providing informal kinship care, (this does not apply to children living with relatives under State custody through the local department of child welfare services), an affidavit that would allow consent to health care services for children can be obtained through Child Welfare Services by calling: 240.777.4417. Ask for DHR SSA form 554. For an affidavit to obtain educational services for children, contact Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Call Center: 301.309.MCPS (6277). Other income support services may be available through the Department of Health and Human Services. Click on the links below for further information.
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