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Hiring an Agent, Legal Agent, or Management Company to Handle Rental Property

It is highly recommended that owners use a management company to oversee their rental property; however, it is not required. Owners of rental property who reside outside the State of Maryland must designate a Legal Agent (agent for service of process), including owners living in nearby Washington, DC or Virginia. The Legal Agent must live in Maryland and agree to accept legal documents on behalf of the out-of-state owner. They DO NOT have to be professional management agents. Legal Agents may be friends, former neighbors or family members; however, the Legal Agent cannot be your tenant. Legal Agents must provide their home address and, along with the owner, sign the application form.

Legal Agent Forms are available on the DHCA Licensing and Registration website. Please click on link # 2 below. Online users who have additional questions that require the expertise of a staff member, please see the topic entitled "Request to Speak with a Licensing and Registration Specialist".

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To speak with a Customer Service Representative, please call 311 during business hours.