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8818 Request for Back Office Response

This KBA will direct a Service Request to the Income Supports Silver Spring Office if caller needs to speak with a Case manager regarding food stamps, TCA, TDAP and/or Medicaid (Aged; blind or disabled only) and the case is listed in DO 151 (CARES address screen). If the case is not active or pending in CARES, confirm correct zip code for Silver Spring Office by clicking on first link below. Look up caller in cares. Provide the following information in the respective data fields: Last name; First Name; Email address. If no email address, use; Phone; Enter Cares ID in HHS Case Number field. In the "Brief Description" field please provide a brief description of the following: What the caller is calling about; Information found in Cares; Information that you provided to the caller; What the back office needs to do. Send SR, by clicking the submit button. Advise caller of SLA.

The Income supports Silver Spring office is located at 8818 Georgia Avenue, 20910. Fax: 240.777.3070.

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