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Locate a physician who takes Medicaid or Make a Complaint

The goal of the Dedicated Administrative Care Coordination Team (DACCT) Administrative Care Coordination Unit (ACCU) Health Choice, Ombudsman's Office, is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Medicaid Managed Care Program, HealthChoice. The DACCU serves as the single point of entry for outreach, education and care coordination of HealthChoice enrollees which includes pregnant women and children. The Ombudsman investigates disputes between the Healthchoice enrollees and the Managed Care Organizations (MCOs). These cases are referred by the State Complaint Resolution Unit to the local ombudsman. The following actions may be taken to resolve the dispute: educating the MCO or the enrollee; mediating disputes; assisting the enrollee in negotiating the MCO's internal grievance process; and advocating on behalf of the enrollee. Below are some numbers for the MCO Health Choice members: oAmerigroup: 1-800.600.4441; Maryland Physician's Care: 1.800.953.8852; Priority Partners: 1.800.654.9728; United Health Care:1.800.318.8821. At the numbers provided, the various organizations provide customer service including listing of physician's.

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