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Fence, Shed, Retaining Wall, Falling Down/ in Disrepair
The Department of Housing and Community Affairs Housing Code Enforcement Unit investigates complaints regarding the MAINTENANCE or deteriorated CONDITION of a fence, shed or other structure. If this is a complaint about building without a permit or building too close to property line, see Topic: "FILE COMPLAINT WITH DEPARTMENT OF PERMITTING SERVICES".The property owner is responsible for maintaining fences and other structures on residential property. See Section 26-9(a)(1) of Chapter 26, Housing and Building and Maintenance Standards on the attached link for the Code reference.

To file a complaint regarding a fence, shed, retaining wall, falling down/ in disrepair, please see the topic entitled "HOUSING COMPLAINTS".

Find more information from the following link(s):
  • Chapter 26 - Housing and Building Maintenance Standards
  • Check Status of Complaint/Inspection

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