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Maryland Department of Juvenile Services
The Department of Juvenile Services (DJS) is an executive agency whose primary task is to appropriately manage, supervise and treat youth (up to age 18) who are involved in the juvenile justice system in Maryland (child must have had a legal charge).

DJS is involved in nearly every stage of the juvenile justice process from the moment a youth is brought into a juvenile intake center by the police or as a result of a citizen complaint to the time when a youth returns to the community after completing treatment.

DJS works closely with other state agencies, including the Department of Education, Department of Human Resources and Health and Mental Hygiene, and local agencies to efficiently and effectively work with young people and their families. In Montgomery County, these groups are co-located in Rockville at the Juvenile Assessment Center, or JAC. This is located at: Rockville Office,7300 Calhoun Place, Suite 500, Rockville, MD 20855. Telephone: 301.610.8500.

To contact the Alfred D. Noyes Children's Detention Center, located on 9925 Blackwell Road, Rockville, MD 20850 call: 301.762.7800. The Center is a regional detention center serving youth. It provides residential care for youth ages 12 - 18.

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