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Mosquito Control
Montgomery County does not currently support a mosquito control program. The most common species of mosquitoes plaguing Montgomery County is the Asian Tiger Mosquito. The Asian Tiger Mosquito breeds in relatively small stands of water such as clogged rain gutters, tires, buckets, cans, bottles, boats, flower pots, bird baths, children's toys, rain barrels, and pet food and water dishes. The most effective method of controlling Asian Tiger Mosquitoes is reducing or eliminating the containers where the mosquitoes breed. Draining or removal of water holding containers, even on a localized basis, will help control mosquitoes. On private property, it is largely the responsibility of individuals to conduct thorough and repeated efforts to remove or drain all potential mosquito breeding containers.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) does have a mosquito control program and will work with communities on a cost share basis to control mosquito breeding sites in stormwater ponds, woodland pools, marshes, swamps, ruts and puddles, and slow moving ditches or creeks. However, the MDA program does not address Asian Tiger Mosquitoes because their program does not address sites on private property where they breed.

Please contact the Mosquito Control Section of the Maryland Department of Agriculture for assistance and advice at: 301.422.5080, or visit their website below.

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