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Child Care Subsidy Vouchers, Registration Fees

Montgomery County Working Parents Assistance (WPA) Program and the State Child Care Subsidy Program, formerly POC, issue child care vouchers that pay a portion of the total cost of child care, and payments are made directly to the child care provider. Parents are responsible for the co-pay owed that is included on the State Child Care Subsidy Vouchers and any difference that is not covered by the voucher and owed to the provider. The co-pay is the amount written on the State Child Care Voucher and is payable to the provider.

The difference owed to the provider above the voucher amount can be determined by subtracting the monthly subsidy amount from the provider's monthly rate for the child; the remaining difference is the amount that the parent must pay to the provider. Registration fees or other fees charged by the provider, for example, late pick-up fees, are not covered under the subsidy.

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