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The Opioid Crisis and the Drug Narcan or Naloxone

For questions, issues, or the need to speak with a staff member about narcan, contact the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Behavioral Health and Crisis Services treatment services office: Ms. Sheryl Townsend, Prevention Services Community Health Nurse at: 240.777.1219, or Mr. Hardy Bennett:, Treatment Services Manager: 240.777.1671.

To speak with someone right away, please contact the ACCESS Office at: 240.777.1770.

Montgomery County Overdose Response Program (ORP) provides training and narcan kits, which are provided to trainees who successfully complete the course. Sheryl Townsend is the contact person to connect interested persons about available training sessions. Ms. Townsend can be reached at: 240.777.1219.

Recently the HOPE Act was passed in Maryland. This allows all licensed healthcare providers with prescribing authority to prescribe narcan to anyone, not just folks who have been trained in a State of Maryland ORP Program. This means that for family members who are in a crisis, they may be able to directly contact their local neighborhood pharmacy or primary care physician (especially if they have medical insurance including Medicaid) for narcan. There will be an insurance co-payment.

. For those without insurance or who cannot afford to pay an insurance co-payment, or if there are other barriers to obtaining the drug, contact Ms. Sheryl Townsend at 240-777-1219 after completion of an ORP training session.

Free narcan/naloxone training sessions are offered by BornFree Wellness Centers of America, the fourth Wednesday of the month till October 2017. People who are struggling with opioid addiction; or know someone who who is struggling with the addiction; or providers working with those with the addiction are encourage to attend. Contact the Center at: 240.654.4001.

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To speak with a Customer Service Representative, please call 311 during business hours.