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Filing an Appeal for the Office of Eligibility and Support Services (OESS) for State of Maryland Programs

The OESS receives requests for administrative hearings by telephone, in-person, U. S. Mail, email, written statement, fax or other means of communication from customers when a customer wants to question a department case action or determination, such as denial or termination. There is no time limit in which a customer must submit the request.

State programs include: Food Stamps (or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: SNAP); Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA); Temporary Disability Assistance Program (TDAP); Public Assistance to Adults (PAA); Community Medical Assistance (MA); Medical Assistance ? Long Term Care (MA-LTC); Maryland Children?s Health Insurance Program (MCHP); Emergency Assistance for Families and Children (EAFC, for housing/utility assistance); and Purchase of Care (POC, State Day Care assistance).

Additionally, any OESS office and personnel can accept an oral or written request for a hearing. There is an appeals coordinator who is responsible for maintaining a control system for all hearing requests and ensuring that the form ?Request for Fair Hearing?, (form #334) is completed and forwarded to the Office of Administrative Hearings. The coordinator can assist with completing the appeals form if needed. To request assistance with completing the form, please dial: 240.777.4056.

Note: the ?Request for Fair Hearing? form #334 is attached to every decision letter mailed to the customer and the customer can mail, fax or return the completed form to any local OESS office, or, mail the completed from to:

The Office of Administrative Hearings Administrative Law Building 11101 Gilroy Road Hunt Valley, MD. 21031-1301

To speak with a Customer Service Representative, please call 311 during business hours.