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Cart Repair (Paper Recycling)

Residents with a blue wheeled cart for paper recycling that is damaged can have it repaired. Repairs are scheduled for Thursdays, with some requests being pushed to Fridays depending on the request volume each week. Carts that aren't repairable are replaced at the time of the repair visit. When requesting a repair please specify the nature of the damage to the cart. Examples: Broken/detached lid, broken/detached/missing wheels, damaged/missing metal lift bar or cracked body.

Please note that Cart lids are very flexible and sometimes get warped in storage and transit. Leaving the cart out in the sun will correct warped lids in most instances. Carts to be repaired must be at the curb and empty by 7:00 AM the scheduled Thursday.

Due to verification requirements that can only be conducted by a Customer Service Representative at MC311, a service request cannot be created online for this service.

To speak with a Customer Service Representative, please call 311 during business hours.