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Jackie Anderson: Police, Sheriff, Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Consumer Protection, Circuit Court, States Attorney, Credit Union 240.777.5023 (For Police Officer Candidate and Police Public Safety Com Specialist, call 240.773.5310)

Carey Couto: Liquor Control, Urban Districts, Transportation (Transit) and Bus Operators(Ride On) 240.777-5078

Karen Hochberg: Intern Programs for Individuals with Disabilities, Noncompetitive Hiring Process, Veterans Hiring Preference, Veterans and Persons with Disabilities, Human Resources, Housing and Community Affairs, County Council 240.777.5091

Debra Marshall: Community Engagement Cluster, County Executive, Finance, Management and Budget, Intergovernmental Relations, Public Information Office/MC311, Recreation, Public Safety Promotional Examination Process 240.777.5042

Gloria Nokes: Correction and Rehabilitation, Libraries, Fire/Rescue, Merit System Protection Board, Inspector General, Board of Appeals, Legislative Oversight, Transportation (Director's Office, Transportation and Traffic Engineering, Parking Management) 240.777.5018

Eunice Peck: Environmental Protection, Board of Elections, General Services, Procurement, Health and Human Services (Public Health Services, Community Affairs, Director's and Chief Operating Officer's Office), Transportation (Highway) 240.777.5040

Mani Persaud: Health and Human Services (Behavioral Health and Crisis Services, Special Needs Housing and Therapists I/II), Permitting Services, Zoning and Administrative Hearings, Technology Services, MC Employee Retirement Plans, Human Rights, Ethics Commission, Community Use of Public Facilities, County Attorney, Strathmore Hall, General Internship Programs 240.777.5055

Mike Sirbaugh: Health and Human Services (Children, Youth and Family Services, Aging and Disability), Economic Development 240.777.5021

Melissa Voight Davis: Manager, Recruitment and Selection Team 240.777.5071

If you would like to speak to a Customer Service Representative, please call 311 (240.777.0311 from outside of Montgomery County) between 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM, Monday – Friday. If this is an emergency, please dial 911.