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Verifications Needed for Emergency Services (ES), Part II

Documentation for becoming eligible for services may vary. For foreclosure: notice of intent to foreclose; a default notice of two or more months, or intent to foreclose; customer must have met with a certified Housing Counselor for mortgage counseling prior to any funds being dispersed.

For moving/storage: verified housing emergency; two or more estimates for storage unit and rental truck.For burial assistance: Invoice from funeral home of total costs of funeral home services, which cannot exceed $2500 to be eligible for partial assistance; copy of death certificate (does not need to be official w/seal). For car repair/purchase: document need of vehicle for work (deliveries, work hours, etc.); letter from employer.

For repair: 2 estimates for repair. Other documentation will be shared with customer at the time of visit.

To speak with a Customer Service Representative, please call 311 during business hours.