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County Executive's Community Collaboration Grants

Executive's Community Collaboration Grants are discretionary one-time grants to organizations that leverage Federal, State, and/or private funding or improve the quality of life for County residents. See URL 1. Any organization, institution or association incorporated as a private, not-for-profit organization designated under 501 (C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service that provides services or activities in Montgomery County is eligible to apply. Grants will be awarded for projects in Montgomery County only. Organization headquarters can be outside of Montgomery County as long as the organization demonstrates that the activities and services supported by grant funds benefit Montgomery County residents. Please complete an application found online by clicking on the second link below. The Office of Management and Budget will only accept electronically completed grant applications. The application deadline is late mid-January of each year. The Montgomery County Executive's Community Collaboration Grants may be included in the County Executive's Recommended Budget to support non-profit organizations delivering services consistent with the County Executive's Mission Statement. The Montgomery County Executive's Community Collaboration Grants do not include the following: Health and Human Services Community Service Grants; Housing and Community Affairs - Community Development Block Grant; Emergency Shelter Grants and County Council Grants. See web site for answers to frequently asked questions.
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