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Updating Voter Registration Information (name, address, party affiliation)
As a result of legislative redistricting, approximately 25,000 voters have been moved to a different polling place for future elections. A goldenrod mailer will be mailed late in the week of May 27, 2013, or beginning in June, providing voters with the updated information. Pertinent information will be printed on the card, the voter needs to do nothing.

Changes to voter registration information may be made any time voter registration is open. A written change request should be sent to the Board of Elections (BOE) and must include the following: complete name; date of birth; old and new address; date; and signature. The Voter Registration Application may be used to make changes and is available from the locations identified on the URL link. Changes may be faxed to the Elections Office at: 240-777-8600. If a change of address form is completed at the Motor Vehicle Administration, the information will be sent to the local BOE for processing, unless a customer specifies not to change the voter registration information. For further information, send a service request to the office. Be sure to include name and good telephone number.

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