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Ride On Real Time Accuracy

The Ride On Real Time application has been experiencing technical issues. The app was designed several years ago and has since had many of its components become less effective, and in some cases, obsolete. To rectify this, the Ride On Real Time system is currently being redesigned to take advantage of newer technologies and algorithms. Transit expects to see an improvement in accuracy in the near future.

While the new real time system is being designed, Transit will look into the issue of any missing routes, and add them into the old system if the new one is not ready for public use. While the Ride On Real Time app is still available, Ride On provides data for the multitude of apps available that have been written for real time bus arrivals. Transit is conducting an evaluation of these apps for ease of use and best features/functions. These third party apps (e.g. The Transit App, Roadify, Hop Stop) can be found in Apple's iTunes store and the Android Marketplace. These apps and Ride On Real Time provide information for Ride On, Metrobus, and sometimes rail systems as well. The data usually shows when buses are real time or scheduled. Transit is currently updating our website to reflect this status and these recommendations.

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