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Masked Calls Appearing to be From County Phone Numbers

Montgomery County Government is investigating incidents where County residents received calls from third parties (non-County entities) that fraudulently use County phone numbers (240-773-xxxx and 240-777-yyyy). When the resident calls the number back, they reach County staff who did not call the resident in the first place. This appears to be a growing practice in the County and other jurisdictions, where spammers mask their caller ids and try to pass themselves off as legitimate callers.

Online users who receive an unsolicited phone call from a Montgomery County Government phone number are requested to report it using the following procedure:

Click on the "Create Service Request" tab below and complete the "Contact Information" fields. Disregard the "Service/Incident Address information" Fields. Please provide responses to the 3 questions below using the field entitled "Brief Description" at the bottom of the page.

1. When did you receive the call or message (date/time)?

2. What did the caller say?

3. What number did the caller ID indicate that the call originated from?

Find more information from the following link(s):