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Permit Requirement for Dumpster or Pod in Driveway

Dumpster(s) or Pod(s) (ex. temporary storage container) located on an owner's private property, outside of the limits of the public right of way (driveway, lawn, yard, etc.) do not need a Right of Way (ROW) Permit. Dumpster(s) or Pod(s) located within the public roadway or sidewalk require a Right of Way Permit. For a Pod only, if it is to remain for more than seven days, a Building Permit and a Use and Occupancy certificate must be obtained and the pod must be located in the rear yard.

If applying for a right of way permit, it is best to meet with the DPS ROW inspector for the area to discuss the fee and bond needed prior to permit submittal. The inspector's name and telephone numbers are listed on DPS website. From the DPS website under the "Inspections" heading, select "Right of Way" then click on Inspector Area Map.

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To speak with a Customer Service Representative, please call 311 during business hours.