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Well Permit

A County well location permit is necessary to ensure any well drilled in the County meets all current County and State standards, such as minimum setbacks for the protection of the environment and public health. A County well location permit is required prior to drilling a well for any purpose, including providing potable drinking water; water for irrigation or agricultural purposes; monitoring; and geothermal systems.

Prior to any wells being drilled both County and State well permit approvals must be obtained. The County well permit application can be submitted by the property owner, the well driller, or an agent for the owner. The application package for the County permit must include the County application form with the applicant's original signature, the current well permit fee, and two copies of a scaled site plan with all pertinent data.

The State well permit application is a standard form provided by the State to the licensed well driller and can only be submitted by the driller. There is no separate fee for the processing and approval of the State permit.

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