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Carbon Monoxide Detector General Safety Information

Carbon monoxide is the most common cause of death by poison in the United States, killing more than 500 people every year. Every home should have at least one battery-powered CO alarm or AC-powered unit with battery backup installed on each level and near sleeping areas. It is also advised that a licensed professional inspect heating systems and other fuel-burning appliances annually.

Install fuel-burning appliances properly and operate according to the manufacturer's instructions. Keep chimneys clear of animal nests, leaves and residue to ensure proper venting. Have all fireplaces cleaned and inspected annually. Do not block or seal shut the exhaust flues or ducts used by water heaters, ranges and clothes dryers. Do not leave a car running in an attached garage or carport. Do not use ovens or stoves to heat a home. Do not use charcoal or gas grills inside or operate outdoors near a window where CO fumes could seep in through a window. Replace CO alarms every five to seven years in order to benefit from the latest technology upgrades.

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